When day turns to night

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    “Well there’s plenty of ‘dangerous’ people in the dueling circuit but it’s not my right to reveal their names.” He gave her a stern expression, “Me? Respect someone?” He let out a near psychotic laugh, “That’s a funny joke.” His expression changed though,as she pat out his clothing,looking a bit flustered by the gesture.

    Sorry?…why’s she..He looked confused,this girl was odd… “Are you trying to threaten me?” His glare turned intense,” I truly know of nothing that could help you.” That wasn’t exactly true as it was possible numbers were involved in her families issues but..

    "You may take it as a threat, it was not intended to be one."  She shrugged.  She wasn’t too impressed with this man’s over all personality.  "Really…  Nothing at all, hm?  You’re more useless than I thought…"  She smirked.  "Your father must be so proud of you."  The girl rolled her eyes.  "I thought a man as high ranked as yourself might have some intel of the history here, but I understand, you’re just as useless as I expected.  Perhaps Kamishiro Ryouga knows something."

    Hiroko shrugged.  ”I doubt a man like you would be involved with the numbers either…  It was stupid of me to ask you anything.  My apologies…” 

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  3. "Wow, I go away for like three months and I lose ten followers.  Shows how nice you guys are…"  She shrugged.  She honestly didn’t care, but still wished to address the large decline in followers.

  4. Reblog if your character’s parents are dead.

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    “No problem. What kind of deck are you going for? I’ll help you find what you need.” Rose feels better seeing the cold expression on the other girl’s face. Having that moment be the one thing that actually makes her feel at ease is quite unexpected. However, because she is normally showing the same cold expression, she can sense an environment of familiarity.

    If she wasn’t working, chances are this girl might be friends with her, or enemies depending. Unfortunately, she has to focus on her job before considering her possible standing with strangers she doesn’t know. At least her shift is ending soon. She will have to get a bite to eat afterward.

    "I’m not sure quite yet, but I’m thinking of entering a tournament sometime soon."  The cold expression remained on her face, pushing some of her hair out of her eyes, adjusting the small ball-jointed doll strapped to her hip.  Hiroko felt the tension go slightly down in the room, looking at the expression on the girl’s face.  She smirked.  "Okay cut the shit, I can tell you’re not some happy go lucky shop keeper, be yourself that’s the best way to sell the product to the customer…"

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    IV reared back once the girl released her grip,he glared down at her looking pretty irate,” Why the hell would I know? I’m a famous duelist not a famous mobster or some shit!” It’s possible he’d heard something on the news or read about it in the paper at some point in time but it didn’t involve him. He was a bit shocked to hear this girl’s entire family had been massacred but still it wasn’t his problem and hell knows he didn’t need to make it his problem,he had enough as it was.

    She rolled her eyes.  ”That’s my point.  My dad was involved in famous dueling.  So you being in here, you must have heard about something.”  She sighed.  ”He wasn’t a man of many enemies, so I assumed that he must have made an enemy, and that he’d still be in the dueling circuit.”  She crossed her arms over her chest.  ”And I may be shorter, but I’m still older than you, the least you could do is show a little respect.”  She gently pat out the wrinkles on the champion’s outfit. 

    "Terribly sorry about that."  She frowned.  "But you know how older siblings are about the younger ones…  Because I know you’d care if something ever happened to your little brother.  Mihael, was it?"  She smirked.  "Imagine the…  Pain…  your family would go through, if your precious little brother, died.  Three times…”  She put her hands on her hips.  ”Now I know you don’t give a fuck, and honestly I would be genuinely surprised if you did, but if you know something now would be a good time to tell me.”

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    “Hmph…Alright…. Where should we fight then….weakling? Hmhmhhmhm….” Lucius was tempted to grab Lucy, just to aggravate Hiroko, but resists his urge. Other than provoking the girl, taking her precious doll would do him no good.

    She rolled her eyes at his apparent ‘taunt’.  ”That’s the best you got, seriously, calling me a weakling?  It’s…  Hilarious you think that would intimidate me.”  She chuckled.  ”There’s an alley out back.  I’m doubtful anyone goes there, we could fight there.”  She puffed up one of her cheeks in disgust.

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